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Older Projects

  • HTTP Accessible Lamp / Plug Sockets [youtube]

    Wireless plug remote coupled to an Arduino via a bunch of optocouplers. Web frontend to turn appliances on and off over HTTP.

  • EyeWriter Build Test [youtube]

    Built from The EyeWriter Project. Controlling a computer with your eyes; consists of a modified Webcam and a few IR emitters. This was the one of the few times I was able to calibrate it properly, but it loses sync toward the end of the vid.

  • Kinect Pong [youtube]

    Playing around with the kinect, hand motion controlled player bat. Processing + Kinect + Me.

  • Raycaster

    Experimental JavaScript Raycaster, heavily under construction.

  • Wooga 20k Game Entry

    Entry for the Wooga 20k Game Competition. It's based mostly on a cut-down version of my raycaster with some mods to get the whole thing down to less than 20k. Was a last minute hack, so the code is very rough.

  • redux

    A quick over-the-top canvas/html5 redux of the teaser page. @seb_ly wouldn't make their version spin around, so...


  • Oxford Geek Night 21 - HTML5 Canvas

    13 Apr 2010 - Vague/basic overview of HTML5 Canvas trickery. Code is awful, thrown together in a day or so.
    <SPACE> to step through each slide section, ↔ to move between slides.
    Use Chrome/Chromium for best results.